Monday, 6 March 2017

Its Our First Post!!!

Hey -

Thank you for following a link to find us here :)

We are Amelia & Charlotte - both student Midwives that are currently in our 2nd year of training.

If you have followed us here via a link then you already know our story...If you have just stumbled across our blog - Hello & Welcome!! 

We are hoping to get to Tanzania in Africa to provide Maternity care in a city called Arusha.

You can catch up on our project here:

You can follow our journey by subscribing to this blog,
You can also follow us on Instagram: aceafrica17

We came up with ACE as the main name of our project - its pretty simple but it is what it says -
ACE = Amelia Charlotte Elective :)

We are currently designing a limited edition pizza for a local establishment. This will be going onto their main menu and a % of each one sold will be donated to us!!! - Amazing!!

We also have the 5K colour, obstacle rush which we will be doing in Brighton in May!! (Wish us luck - we struggle walking up a flight of stairs at Uni haha)

Lots more in the pipeline and we will be sure to keep you updated each step of the way!!!

Thanks again for dropping by!!

A & C x

(Here we are at our Midwifery Society Fun day which took place last summer)

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