Friday, 10 March 2017

A little information...

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Here is some information about the organisation that we will be booking through and travelling/staying with...

Work The World
  • Work the World has over 10 years experience and has organised over 9000 student elective placements abroad. 

  • Work the World make sure their partner hospitals benefit financially from student Electives. In addition to the financial contributions they also donate essential equipment to ensure key departments are operating at their best.

  • Students visiting the hospitals and villages in Tanzania allow for equipment gaps to be noticed. Work the Worlds primary contribution to their partners is a fixed sum given to each hospital for every student that books through them.

  • Taking our elective in a developing country is an amazing opportunity to use, develop and share our skills whilst learning new skills and also gaining experience with advanced diseases and pathologies that are rare in the Western world.

  • The partner hospital in Tanzania is a major referral centre for the area and as such has a dedicated maternity building. We will spend time on the antenatal ward, the labour ward, the postnatal ward, the neonatal unit, the gynaecology ward, and in theatre. On Average around 30 babies are born in the maternity unit per day. 

The Total cost includes: 
  • Airport pickup
  • City and hospital orientation
  • Private, fully catered, and secure accommodation
  • Free local language lessons in the Work the World house
  • Guided clinical supervision throughout our hospital placement
  • Round the clock support from our local in-country teams
For more information check out their website;

We will check in again soon!! 

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p.s - We had an exam yesterday, so pleased that it is finally out of the way!! 

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